Get that beat 80s-90s

Reviews of the book “Get that beat 80s-90s”

Get that Beat: Ελληνικό Ροκ 80ς-90ς

‘This book is the’ gospel ‘of the Greek rock discography of all music trends. Tireless scholar of Greek rock from 1960 onwards, the book of Dinos Dimatatis offers an indispensable guide for everyone. The content impresses the reader with the integrity of both the unknown aspects of the artists, and the accuracy of the discography. It is an essential asset that we should all have in our library.’

‘Pop and Rock’

‘The last law of the music encyclopedia drafted by Dinos Dimatatis for years can be read like an enjoyable modular novel. It is not easy to assemble such a recent history. Mostly it is not easy to identify the position of people who live and create still, and may at any time communicate with the author on the phone. However, this apparent phase is compensated by a big advantage in this dictionary. Apart from whatever information the author is putting on the map of the names of bands and people, tells us also about their impressions and reactions of the public when they first appeared, the least the most important ones.What leaves the user of this project speechless is the headlong parade of the writer in the entire range of the scene, from Yanni to Georges Pilali.

‘Echo and Artis’

‘The incredible Dinos Dimitatis stroke again. The result of the blow is the most valuable and comprehensive guide of the Greek rock discography and history. The author deserves a big thank you from all the Greek rock community, because this work is a reminiscent and deposit of a story of four decades of indigenous rock.’

Giannis Koundouris (In Rock)

‘”With 15 euros, the best book for music lovers rockers I will find! I exclaimed in the bookstore and after I got in my hands the new book of Dinos Dimatatis. The girl in the cashier looked appalled…”Hey man should I call a doctor? What’s wrong with you?’ So put on your boots and straight on to buy a book that is steeped in tons of tobacco, alcohol and good Greek rock and roll … But where the fuck did I put that 45rpm record of Last Drive?’

Archimedes C. Panagiotidis (Exostis)

‘All this time there was a void on the shelf of our library. ‘GET THAT BEAT 60s-70s’ did not condescend to make friends and waited patiently something to match its elegant madness. My heart was beating with joy when a few days ago saw the red cover of ‘GET THAT BEAT 80s-90s’ approaching and immediately wound up the pages, beginning to play the first of improvised and anarchist notes of the anthem of Greek rock. The important doctors will decide that readers and protagonists are all to be bounded, but their conclusions will be covered by the rustling of the pages of the book, which in reality is the music box of two unique decades. We have a position on hold for the next.’

Vangelis Perris (Protathlitis)