Dinos Dimatatis grew up and lives in Thessaloniki. From an early age, loved music and started to collect records. Today is one of the largest collectors in Greece, especially of vinyl records and also printed music material.

He made his first steps in journalism in 1969 when he worked initially in the newspaper “Nea Alitheia” (New Truth) and then in ‘Thessaloniki’ writing about musical and athletic matters. His action was interrupted in 1972 when he left to go to Italy to study Law. He made his comeback into the field at the sunset of the decade, when was he found amongst the contributors of the Athens music magazine ‘Music Express’. In 1982 he released independently his first book ‘THE UNKNOWN OF ROCK’, which refers to the British scene.

In 1989, with the explosion of private radio, he was recruited from the staff of ‘Antenna FM’ of Thessaloniki under the alias Dinos Deltas, and presents the two-hour radio show “At the edge of the needle”. For two consecutive years the show comes second in preference, after that of John Petrides, according to the readers of prestigious music magazine “Pop and Rock.”

In 1992 he attempts his first approach to the hitherto ignored field of domestic rock scene in the book ’25 Years of Greek Rock ‘(Livanis Publications).

“Six years later he wrote the much-discussed biography of Pavlos Sidiropoulos titled “Prince’s lonely blues” (Katsanos publications) which made record sales. The same year he was awarded by the ‘Organisation of the Cultural Capital of Europe, Thessaloniki 1997’ for his contribution to music.

For the next period he returned to his research on Greek rock with the most comprehensive work ‘Get That Beat 60s-70s’, followed two years later by the second book ‘Get That Beat 80s-90s’ (Katsanos publications) both of which received the warmest reviews from local press.

Collaborations have also been published in magazines ‘Pop and Rock’ and ‘Zoo’.